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With Love, Inc. (formerly sister companies, Emme Events & Brandspired) is undergoing an overhaul. We have made the decision to bring our brands together into one creative firm specializing in luxury wedding and event planning, and branding and stationery.

The art of marriage. The art of celebration. The art of the details.


These choices are massive and inherently personal. Over the next months or years, as we become your right hand, your confidante, manager of emotions and family, your designer, your advocate and your friend, we get to know you in such an intimate capacity. It is imperitive that we connect as more than just client and planner. We want to leave footprints on your heart that will last long after we conclude our services together.


Our intention? The simple, yet most complex answer, is love. Our philosophy is built on the foundation of love. Everything we do, everything we believe in stems from love. Leading with love. Capturing love. Telling love stories. Your love story. We want it to be ever apparent that love is the center, the purpose and the reason behind every single facet of your journey. 


Both professionally and personally, we are here to serve your love story in a capacity that makes you feel incredibly seen and taken care of on every level. Again, we are honored to be considered to be a part of this grande adventure. You are worth celebrating in the most epic way, and we would love to do it with you!


I truly cannot wait to share what is coming in this new era of our brand and our business. And I cannot wait to love y'all even bigger.

In the meantime, continue to follow the journey and reach out if you'd like to begin sharing yours with us.

With Love



Luxury Weddings Worldwide

the art of marriage

Luxury Events & Experiences

the art of celebration


Luxury Branding & Stationery

the art of the details


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